Nothing shouts fun more than the words travel and cocktails! And do you know what’s more fun than remembering the trips you’ve taken together by looking at your magnet-filled fridge door? Turning your travels into a bar menu! We’ve plotted our travels from continent to cocktail for your reading pleasure.

Wine & Beers 

Wine – Stellenbosch, South Africa

How to instantly look cultured; visit a wine farm for a wine tasting experience. Swirl that glass, smell the aromas (gently – not like an elephant seeking out a water source), then sip, sip, sip. What flavours can you recognise? Is that…Grape? Yes! Lovely.

Beer – Nuremberg, Germany

Germany and beer go together like Abi and Lulu – they come as a pair! So where does a non-beer drinker start when trying beer in Nuremberg? Ask for “the least beery-beer” they’ve got and you might find you’ll enjoy it! If not, order with a side of lemonade and add to taste.


420 (CBD-infused) cocktails at ABQ Bar in London - travel and cocktails

420 – London, UK

During the brief opening of London’s bars and restaurants over the summer of 2020, we were excited to be invited to an immersive cocktail bar. ABQ in London boasts a menu with science and chemistry themes (think TV’s ‘Breaking Bad’). You ‘experiment’ by concocting your chosen cocktail as per the instructions, the most fun once you start to use the dry ice. Trying the CBD-infused 420 cocktail was a highlight (no pun intended*) in an awkward year, and the chocolatey foam-topped bourbon was as unprecedented as the times we were drinking it in – but definitely tasty!

(*CBD products do not get you high!)

Raspberry Mojito – New York City, USA

A sweet, fruity twist on a classic. The rum and fresh mint muddled with the taste of summer berries will always take us back to reliving memories in our fave iconic city. We can’t wait to get back to NYC’s rooftop bars!

Mimosa – Cirencester, UK

Lulu and Abi drinking mimosas on a UK staycation - travel and cocktails

Another classic. If there’s one thing about us, we’re going to get our hands on a bottle of prosecco and this brunch cocktail remains one of our favourite! The quickest beverage to feel like you’re on holiday when you’re not means it’s perfect for a UK staycation or alongside your weekend fry up.

Sangria – Madrid, Spain

The hunt for an elite glass of Spain’s signature wine-based punch was intensifying with each passing day on this trip! We took travel and cocktails seriously in Madrid but thankfully, while Lulu and Gloria jetted off on a segway city tour, Abi and Nadine located a bougie rooftop bar that served a blend we all agreed we loved.


Chapman – Lagos, Nigeria

There is no such thing as leaving Lagos without having had a glass of chapman! Best way to describe this fruity punch (which can be alcoholic, but is often not) is like a party in your mouth!

Abi drinking chapman in Lagos, Nigeria - travel and cocktails


Port – Porto, Portugal

Port in Porto, Portugal - travel and cocktails

A lovely dessert wine, that will have us daydreaming about past sunny days by the Douro River. Vila Nova de Gaia is essentially Port wine HQ so a visit to Porto would be incomplete without a Port wine cellar tour or tasting.

Limoncello – Venice, Italy

Mainly a produce of Southern Italy, it seems you can’t travel anywhere in Italy without being offered limoncello at least once! A zesty lemon liqueur best served cold, the streets are saying you’re supposed to elegantly sip this after your meal… even though it’s served in a shot glass!

Have you tried any of these drinks on your travels, or visited any of these cities? Do you like to combine your love for travel and cocktails? Let us know in the comments!

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