Hiya! We’re besties and travel buddies, Abi and Lulu. Established in 2017, #FLIGHTSANDFEELINGS is our honest and occasionally cheeky view on all things travel and lifestyle. We figured we’ve taken too many trips out of South London together and journeyed through so much of life with each other that it’s only right we document it all!

Affordable European weekend getaways and city breaks with the girls (especially to that city that never sleeps; New York!) make our little eyes light up. When it’s time to give our passports a break and ration our annual leave, you’ll find us looking for the best brunch spots, spa deals, and music events the UK has to offer. Want to know more about us? Complete our very own travel style quiz, to see if you travel more like Abi or Lulu!

Fly with us!

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