We’ve been calling ourselves twins for so long, people have started to believe it! So if you assumed we are sisters, that’s not outrageous at all – you were close. We’re best friends and travel buddies, Abi and Lulu. We figured we’ve taken too many trips out of South London together and journeyed through so much of life with each other that it’s only right we document it all in vlogs and blogs!

#FlightsAndFeelings is our honest and occasionally cheeky view on all things travel (particularly affordable group travel) and lifestyle. By lifestyle, we mainly mean brunch – because brunch is a lifestyle, ok?



Lulu on Abi: Even though Abi is my ‘twin’, there are some things about her that I don’t understand. For example, Abi doesn’t open things immediately after buying them. I really, really cannot relate. Why is the plastic still on, Abi? Why is that still in the box, Abi? Only Abi knows! But what I definitely do understand is her love of:

  • travel (New York is where our hearts are)
  • brunch (for life, fam)
  • music (seated tickets for the gig, please… we’re in our 20-somethings now), and
  • a quality TV show to obsess over (maybe not re-runs of Birds of a Feather, though)

So – here is the part where I tell you all I have the bestest bestie ever. She surprised me with an epic trip to Milan for my birthday in 2017, which became the reason our vlog and blog even came to exist. She listens to all my ideas and helps me turn them into workable, practical projects. If she isn’t going to an event, more often than not, I won’t want to be there without her! Finally, I must thank Abi for successfully encouraging me to watch Power after I repeatedly refused that I would ever get into it. I hope these are the accolades you were looking for, G! Everyday “I told you so!”, ha! You told me it was a big rich town, and you were right. Let’s take the plastic off our passports and explore this big, rich world together!



Abi on Lulu: My G, my very own G! We started calling each other “G” as a joke and it’s just stuck; now I very rarely call her by her name. Lulu is very tech savvy and has every single gadget you can think of. I must say, she is responsible for the website and vlog editing, I’m just her cheerleader. Go you, my G! I must thank Lulu for so many things, but mainly for knowing and understanding me better than myself. Thank you for:

  • being down for every trip and motive. We’ve never missed a group trip… maybe because we plan them all!
  • being on the end of the phone just to reminisce on New York (again!) – we just love it.
  • always coming through with the flight deals. Anyone would think you stayed on Skyscanner all day!
  • being my dance battle partner: It’s ok to still wish we could be in ‘You Got Served’ because we always come synchronised with no practice.
  • being the best travel buddy! The company is what makes the trip so lit and you always bring the A1 vibes and the A1 banter!

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