When we started our YouTube channel just over a year ago, we didn’t have a clue what our intentions were. We were just going to set up a camera, and talk honestly about our travel experiences now and again. You know… Whenever we could find the time around work, church, social and family commitments. And if nobody watched? Well, then our channel would be our personal memory box where we could watch and remember all the details about our trips together! Since then, we’ve gotten our blog off the ground, and we’re (hopefully) improving our videos with each new upload!


Over this year, we have learned so much about SO MUCH, but particularly how helpful it has been to use video as a format to share our thoughts and views on the things that matter to us. We’ve shared 10 things we love about New York (WATCH: Part 1, WATCH: Part 2), and we know others have watched these vlogs preparing for their own trips to the city that never sleeps – yay! We’ve shared the fun we got up to at one of The Receipts Podcast’s live shows and with the amount of people searching YouTube for content on this specific event (our analytics told us!), we know people value video reviews of experiences before they go. Now if you’ve been with us from the beginning or have just come on board with us recently, you should know our hearts beat passionately for travelling. We can’t resist a cheeky group trip away with the girls, especially if it’s an affordable travel package offering a better than average travel experience (read: budget flights are ok, but budget accommodation? Unforgivable!). Also, as we work full-time all the things we love to do when we’re not travelling and exploring our home city, London, is pretty close to our hearts too. Brunch, shows, dinner & drinks – you name it! Basically, all the things that make life in London amazing.

This is why we are super excited to announce that we have joined the Hollabox community of presenters, and will be working with them to ensure the best bits of our city are seen by you all! When looking for somewhere to go or something to do in London, reading a review or deciding whether there are enough stars out of 5 is all well and good. However, seeing if something looks right up your street before you get there? Watching the vibe, rather than reading and imagining it? Knowing it’s perfect for a bestie night out, seeing the chefs at work, or deciding you want the exact cocktail the bartender is pouring? Sounds good, right!? The Hollabox app is a video guide to London that literally maps out what restaurants, bars and experiences are popping off near you. Each listing has a short video review and the ability to book or arrange transport to the venue of your choice directly through the app. This makes it the quickest and easiest way to see and enjoy all the weird, wonderful and yumminess London has to offer. Download Hollabox, and keep an eye out for us on the Trending page! Don’t let us do all the hard work, though – sign up to upload your own video reviews and build up points that will enable you to earn rewards.

We mentioned we reached our 1 year vlogging milestone, right? See how we celebrated with our Vlog Party in July, here. (Spoiler: We had LOTS of fun!).

Here’s to year two of our vlogging adventures!

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