We’re picking up tips as we go but we need to let you know everything we’ve found out so far…

1. Search for flights using a private browser

Those pesky cookies somehow report that you’re looking at fares and before you’ve had time to assess the situation, the costs are up!

2. Book flights on Tuesdays

We’ve heard that for some reason, fares are at their lowest on this day. This might actually just be a rumour… so if all else fails, don’t miss out when airlines have their sales.



3. Sign up to Jack’s Flight Club

Get error fares and cheap as chips flight notifications sent directly to your inbox. Love a bit of delegation. This works best for long haul flights if you’re ready to fly absolutely anywhere and are willing to fly at short notice. If you fancy taking a trip (from the UK and Ireland) in the near future but without a specific destination in mind, its definitely worth signing up!

4. Be smart about the airport you’re leaving from

Remember a cheap flight from London Stanstead isn’t exactly cheaper than a London Gatwick flight if the cab fare plus the air fare from Stanstead costs more overall. If you’re travelling in a group, this may very well be a good choice, but don’t let super cheap flights from an airport that isn’t your local dazzle away your common sense!


5. Go Compare?

Skyscanner and Kayak might show you the lowest fares comparing across a number of sites, but equally they may not; do your own checks using Google Flights and directly with the airline you know is going to your destination!

6. Price match!

When flying long haul, and spying a sweet deal online double check with a travel agent if they are 1) willing to price match, and 2) willing to let you spread the cost. After bagging a lower fare with manageable payments, you could then look into spending a little more on nicer accommodation – winning!

Whew! The knowledge. That’s 6 tips for you, friends. Have you got anymore tips on how to secure the best fares for your trips? What is the lowest fare you’ve ever secured?

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