What better way to celebrate Lulu’s birthday than with a city break to our favourite skyscraper-fest with the most elite vibes of all time? That’s right – New York! Our third trip to New York City marked the first time we’ve visited while having our #FLIGHTSANDFEELINGS platform so you already know we had to pack as much as we possibly could in. We know that no matter how many times we visit, we’ll never be short of things to discover, things to see or places to eat at because The Big Apple is exactly that – BIG. We found so much to do that we hadn’t before, but because of the sheer size of the city we thought it would be helpful to break our “Eat, See, Do” series down into smaller chunks. We started with Lower Manhattan, but here is our guide for Midtown Manhattan:

Eat at Cafeteria

We chose to hit up Cafeteria for Lulu’s birthday meal as we found out that they serve brunch. Between the three of us (our wonderful friend Nadine included) we ordered a number of different things between us so we had the opportunity to get into a bit of the menu. Out of curiosity, Lulu ordered the shrimp and grits and it is safe to say that was the last time she’ll let curiosity take over when she’s hungry. To share between us all, we ordered some calamari and the “Mac Attack” which was a serving of three varieties of mac and cheese; one plain, one with truffle oil, and one with bacon. These were literally all SO tasty! The other thing to write home about from Cafeteria’s menu is the drinks – Abi and Lulu raised glasses of the wildberry mojitos, while Nadine had a refreshing glass of the flying high mocktail.

Other places to eat and drink: For a birds eye view of a bunch of yellow taxis weaving up and down Broadway, grab a drink at PHD Terrace & Bar. If you go at opening time, you may even get the rooftop terrace more or less to yourself for an hour or two!

See St Patrick’s Cathedral


There is something about cathedrals in the midst of major cities that bring a much needed air of peace when you visit them; take St Paul’s in London, the Duomo in Milan and Sé Catedral do Porto in Porto for example. St Patrick’s is a special one as it simply does not fit its surroundings whatsoever. It is dwarfed by tall, modern buildings and sticks out, beautifully, like a rose amongst weeds. Definitely worth seeing!

Other things to see: You won’t have been able to make your way through midtown Manhattan without being mesmerised by the billboards in Times Square. How advertising here is effective at all is beyond us because there is literally SO much going on here visually – it is an absolute sensory overload! Nonetheless, Times Square is peak quintessential New York so if you haven’t had a wander here, some may argue you haven’t been to NYC at all. Definitely one to do for your first trip to the Big Apple!


Do see the City with On Location Tours

Eat, See, Do: Midtown Manhattan, NYC - #FLIGHTSANDFEELINGS

While exploring a city yourself is exciting and adventurous, there is nothing like jumping on a tour to get your bearings of a city and hearing facts about your destination from an expert. We personally love our tours with a twist, which is why we’re over the standard tours but would jump at the chance to do something a little different – like the GoCar Tour we did in Porto, and the TV and Movies Tour we did with On Location Tours. Not only did we see plenty of typical sights on the tour, we saw several filming locations from well-known TV series and films and had the opportunity to jump off the bus and take pictures too! Our tour group met outside Ellen’s Stardust Diner, which is very popular with tourist and maybe worth a try on your first trip to NYC. 

Other things to do: If the shops around Times Square are too busy for you, you could always spend your coins at The Shops at Columbus Circle. Named after the Christopher we don’t acknowledge, all you have to do to get there is get the subway to 59 Columbus Circle where there is a giant monument in his ‘honour’. This is an indoor mall with a number of places to shop and dine. So if you want to get out of the rain or the sun, head here.

Is there anything you’ve eaten, seen or done in Midtown Manhattan that you think we should check out on our next visit? Let us know!

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