We’re pro-group travelling over here at #flightsandfeelings! Maybe we are fortunate that, when they do actually happen, our group trips are always smooth and epic journeys.

With a friendship spanning over 10 years, we can confidently say we are pretty clued up on what makes each other tick and what kind of energy our trips are likely to have. Though we must say most of our frustrations occur prior to a trip taking place – it is getting increasingly difficult to get these ladies into “fly out” formation, but adulting is to blame for that!

We hear so many horror stories about why people despise group travel, and if that’s you, hopefully we can help you to reflect on some things BEFORE YOU BOOK that might make organising a group trip a tiny bit easier to navigate.

Consider the dynamics your group size will create

Too few people might make for an underwhelming trip, but too many might be chaotic as well as limiting the accommodation options available to you. The accommodation of your choice might make more financial sense when travelling in an equal numbered group size; e.g. two twin rooms between 4 is better than the same between 3. Is your group trip of two really going to be the dynamic duo trip you’ve imagined it to be, or are you likely to fall out and wish you’d just gone alone? Welp!


Consider your group membership carefully

We shouldn’t have to spell it out, but why travel with someone you don’t particularly enjoy spending time with on home turf? Are you really down to travel with distant friends? Are you really going to feel comfortable tagging along on another friendship group’s trip, where you may know one person really, really well and the rest… not so much? Or is it going to be an awkward plane ride, followed by an awkward room share, followed by awkward meal times, followed by awkward excursions, followed by….

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Understand you and your group member’s travel habits

Does your roomie know you’re an early bird? Is the person you become when you miss a meal unrecognisable, or is the hangry monster within you tameable? Who is most likely to demand the window seat? Can you function in chaos, or do you need your living space to be pristine and organised at all times? Who is most likely to forget their passport? Who never brings toiletries, and needs to borrow yours? Who is incapable of remembering that the liquids limit is 100ml for carry on luggage? Are your travel buddies going to feel uncomfortable if you drink alcohol on the trip? Can you cope with a bathroom to people ratio of anything greater than or equal to 1:2?


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Outline your travel deal breakers, and compare these with the others’

Your bestie might not feel like the trip was fun unless they sampled the nightlife. Your foodie mate might not feel like the trip will be worth it unless they get to take a bite of the most authentic food that country has to offer. Cultured Catherine might not feel like the trip was a vibe unless she gets an opportunity to be fully immersed in the local art scene. A whole you, who can’t manage 10 minutes cardio in the gym – can you manage that 3 hour hiking excursion? Your overworked sis might not be interested in the itinerary unless the accommodation is 4* or greater, and there is plenty of downtime allocated to recharging by the pool. The brother you flew out with would be furious if he flew ALL THE WAY to this city, and didn’t get a tour of it’s world famous football stadium.

Where possible, make everyone feel like they’ve got a share in the itinerary – something for everyone to remember and enjoy from their time spent there. After all the perfectly-posed-for pictures are posted on the ‘gram and promptly forgotten, the “you had to have been there” stories and the memories you can’t capture on film will be all you have left!


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Have your group trip plans been successful? Did you find our suggestions useful? Let us know! For more travel tips, click here.

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