The Receipts Podcast is a fun, girly podcast started by a group of beautiful, hilarious and relatable ladies (Tolly, Audrey, Milena and Phoebe) who talk candidly about everything from life and love, to success and careers.

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It’s one thing listening to the ladies on your way to work… at work… on the way home from work (you get the picture!), or while you’re getting ready to go out – you feel like you’re in the studio having a chinwag alongside them! But when they bring the podcast in front of a live audience, you no longer have to pretend. Aside from the controversial discussions (which are just as funny and entertaining in a live setting), there is the opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow listeners, participate in games to win prizes, shake a leg and generally have somewhere cute to dress up and go to slay with your girl squad!


With our attendance now at a respectable 2 out of 3 London shows, you can be assured that we wouldn’t lie to you by saying going to this live show if you get a chance – it’s a must whether you’re from the UK or visiting. We vlogged about our experience at the second London live show, which had Lulu proving (with Audrey Formerly Knowsn as Ghana’s Finest’s guidance) that she can successfully  shoot her shot – #winnersonly. In the goodie bag, was an abundance of beauty treats, from a Fenty Beauty glitter* stick, to some Sleek Cosmetics staples such as Matte Me Lip Crème which Lulu is now incredibly addicted to (thanks ladies!). This only follows in Abi’s footsteps, who won a Receipts Podcast pop quiz at the first live show, bringing home a large Belaire bottle as a reward for her dedication and attentive listening to all the details in the podcasts to date!

WATCH: #FlightsAndFeelings – Episode 6: The Receipts Podcast Live

Unfortunately at the time of writing, the four ladies hosting are now down to three following Phoebe’s understandable departure (listen to the episode “Your Receipts: I’m engaged but I have a work husband” for yourself to hear her very honourable reasons why she has stepped down). We’ve loved every moment of what they’ve done for the culture as a four and look forward to what’s ahead for the remaining Podcast ladies and Phoebe’s individual journey, too!


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