Living in Croydon, South London (yes – London, to all you haters* who insist on challenging Croydon’s London borough status!) can have you feeling very removed from what’s going on in the city at times.

In fact, going from Croydon to central London just to entertain yourself on the weekend can be costly and could even be considered a day trip. So when it comes to free (or pocket-friendly) events in the heart of the city, you need to know that we are more than willing to be there. Ola The Comedian’s “Sunday Service with Ola” is a free comedy show held every Sunday evening, and is uniquely presented like a church service. Did we say free? Yes, Lord! Mind you, this isn’t a real church service – if you’re a church-goer, make sure you head off to your morning service so your evening is free. Keep fellowship going by bringing a church mate, and whatever you have left over from tithing can be spent on a drink or two. Good luck with getting the chance to sip in-between all the laughs you’re sure to catch!


We’ve been to a fair few Sunday Service shows now, and it’s always a good time. Hosted by (“pastors”) Funmbi Omotayo and Ola The Comedian himself, the show we attended had fellow-Croydonian comic Elliot Steel and South African native Tats Nkonzo – all four of them literally had us in continual tears. We don’t want to give too much away, but you’ll want to arrive on time so as not to miss the testimonials at the beginning, which are always heart-warming and spirit-lifting. And you DEFINITELY don’t want to leave before the closing hymn!


Ola The Comedian will be taking the show with him to the Edinburgh Fringe festival – so if London is out of reach, and the North of this rainy island is where you call home (or plan to visit over Fringe season which is 3-27 August 2018), then this is one show you’ll have to repent over for missing.

(*more than likely to be North Londoners. We still love ya though x) 


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