If you don’t travel often, or haven’t travelled at all, deciding where to go can be a huge task; you have the whole world at your feet after all. We run through a few of the ways we’re inspired to make a decision on where next we should book flights to…

Travel by Phone!

Instagram’s most underrated feature is the ability to follow hashtags; this sprinkles a few top posts from the tag in the mix of your feed, alongside pictures and videos of the people you usually follow. This is particularly helpful if you have an inkling of where you might want to go, but not too sure about what that particular destination has in store. Following hashtags related to a couple of destinations helps you gently make your mind up as you continue your casual Instagram scrolling sessions and takes the pressure off by avoiding an intense research episode. Try it now, and follow the hashtag #TravelOman. We guarantee Oman wasn’t on your mind before, but it is now, right?

In addition to this, when somebody posts the location of a place you might want to go to, click the location, explore the map and look at the stories posted to that location. That, friends, is an instant travel guide in the palm of your hands! 

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Netflix and No-Frills Flights

As long as the TV series you’re hooked on isn’t set in outer space, you could wind up visiting a number of countries out of love for your fave show. Game of Thrones fan? Filming locations include Ireland, Croatia and Iceland. Power fan? New York, or Miami, should be on your list. What if we told you re-watching an old Disney favourite, Hercules, partly inspired our trip to Athens?


Flights to “Everywhere”!

The ability to search flights to “everywhere” on Skyscanner is literally the best thing that could ever happen to our tight pockets and our indecisive minds. If you are open to any destination (which you should be), then this will quickly let you see your cheapest route out of your local airport. It’s the digital version of spinning a globe and pointing at some place by random! Take a chance and search flights to everywhere.

Jump on an Existing Trip!

Joining a group trip lets you outsource the decision making on where your next adventure should be and what you should do once you get there. How perfect that the “where” has already been decided, and the “what” needs little to no input as an itinerary is already in place – all you have to do is gather your coins and turn up! So what will it be? The Philippines, Kenya or Cuba? Check out our previous post on 4 London-based group organisers you NEED to know about.

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What’s Happening and Where?

Whether its Afropunk in Paris or the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, there’s nothing that settles the decision of where to go next quite like travelling for an event. Oktoberfest could take you to Germany and the carnival could take you to the Italian streets (and canals) of Venice.  Be aware, though, that travelling for events may very well be during “peak season” – if crowds aren’t your thing, then how about choosing to travel during the off-season? Abi avoided tourist hype by opting for an October trip to Venice (click the image above to watch the vlog where she describes her thoughts on gondolas), and Lulu has been to South Africa in June; as this is winter time, it was an incredibly cold and quiet, but amazing (and cost effective!) time of year to visit.

What inspires the destinations on your bucket list? Let us know!

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