Want to get away, but don’t know where to begin with planning your travels? Here’s how to organise any trip in 5 tiny steps!


This might sound silly, but decide where you’re going first. Feel free to create a short list – it doesn’t have to be set in stone just yet. All that matters is getting away from where you are now, right!? If you need more help choosing your next travel destinations, read more about how to decide where to travel next hereLulu has her sights set on Iceland, and Abi is eyeing the Caribbean – together, we are hopeful that New York City will see our faces once more in 2019!


Now you know where you’re going (or you’ve chosen your destination options), confirm when you will go. If you’re trying to invite other people, the WHERE and the WHEN details (and no doubt, the HOW MUCH which we will get to later) will definitely be important!

Abi & Lulu at The Hellenic Parliament – Athens, Greece



So do you know who you’re going with? Did you sell the trip to them on the where? Maybe you’ve had to be flexible with the dates of the trip – syncing calendars isn’t always easy! If you’re going by yourself, no sweat off your back; go when you want to go! Do you not want to go by yourself? Find an organised trip! Read more about how to find group trips to join, by reading our blog post 4 LONDON-BASED GROUP TRIP ORGANISERS YOU NEED TO KNOW.

How much?

You know where you’re going, when and with who but how much will it cost? Is it out of range? If so, you might have to circle back to your ‘where’ ‘when’ and ‘who’ until you get the pricing right for you! Remember the total cost of your trip will include spending money in addition to your flights and accommodation. Looking for tips on how to keep travel affordable? We’ve got 9 tips right here; 9 WAYS TO KEEP TRAVEL AFFORDABLE.

Temple of Debod, Madrid – Spain



With everything else settled, all your trip needs now is deciding what you will do when you get there! Any major sporting events taking place? Any artists in town for gigs or festivals? What’s the art scene like? Walking tour, bus tour or segway tour? Which landmarks are a must-see?  Be sure the what is covered in your how much! Do a little bit of research to get a few key things in your itinerary, then leave the rest to adventure.

And there you have it – trip planned! What have you found to be a major obstacle when planning trips?

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