Our first BRB Travel trip was revealed to us a month before we flew out – we headed off to Geneva, Switzerland!

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Instagram you’ll know we’ve recently joined a travel subscription service called BRB Travel. Hailed as ‘the Netflix of travel’, for a monthly payment all you must do is confirm:

  1. The type of breaks you usually enjoy (cultural, romantic, adventure etc).
  2. Your preferred cities across Europe
  3. Which UK airports you want to fly from
  4. Your travel dates and preferred flight times

Then sit back and let their team of holiday experts do the rest!

We selected a trip that would be perfect for our Instagram feed and our surprise trip to Geneva gave us plenty to snap. Geneva is no NYC by any means, however if you’re heading there then here are six things you should know:

1. Geneva airport is in both France and Switzerland

And if you rent a car from the Swiss side of the airport but return it to the French side of the airport, the financial penalty will cost you another weekend break!

2. If you didn’t see the Jet D’eau, did you go to Switzerland at all?

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This huge fountain shoots water skyward at a speed of 120 mph and has a height of 140 meters. Since it is the city’s most famous landmark, if you didn’t see it then you might not have been to Geneva! The fountain closes annually around November time for maintenance so if you hope to see it in action, then best to avoid going around this time!


3. The Broken Chair Sculpture has a strong message behind it


This 12-meter-high sculpture looks like a giant’s dining table chair with one broken leg. Directly opposite the Palais de Nations, it was originally a sculpture against the use of land mines and cluster bombs. It now serves as a reminder to diplomats visiting Geneva to consider civilians currently in plight in war-torn countries.

4. Geneva is known for chocolate and cheese fondue

However, you might know that Abi really does like to eat what she knows, and neither is she a chocolate or a cheese fan! So, if you’re wondering whether Geneva has a Vapiano, we can confirm that it does!

5. Sundays are for rest

Everything appeared to be closed on Sunday. Maybe it was the time of the year, as we’re sure that Lake Geneva would have been the perfect place to be if the sun was shining during a summer weekend.

6. The best place to get a great view of Geneva is in France

Mont Salève, just over the border in France comes highly recommended as the place to go for great aerial views of Geneva. This might be why it’s also known as the ‘balcony of Geneva’. Unfortunately for Lulu and to Abi’s sheer delight (heights aren’t her thing!), the cable cars were closed for maintenance during our visit. If you plan on visiting Geneva and Mont Saleve soon, the cable cars will be closed until 25 January 2020. Next time!

Have you been to Geneva, or any other Swiss city? How did you find it? Let us know!

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