Happy New Year, friends! If you’re interested in making 2020 your year of travel, we have a few tips to help.

1. Travel in Low Season
If you’re flying from the UK, the Mediterranean in the winter is going to give you the sun you deserve. How about visiting Greece between January to March 2020? How about LA?
In April to June, you should avoid destinations that will be popular around that time either for the weather or sporting events – thinking of Tokyo? Don’t go during these months unless you want it to be the only place you visit during 2020 – popping up in Japan during the Olympics is going to be the kind of trip you need generational wealth for. Unless Jack’s Flight Club reels you in with low flight prices you can’t resist, of course (i.e. we’re going to Tokyo in May 2020 because Jack hooked us up!)
Hoping to travel between July and September? You can chase the winter in South Africa when flight prices are typically at their lowest, or you can stay home. The weather might let you down but your pocket will forgive you. If Bali is on your list, or the Caribbean is in your heart, you can save pennies by going in the low season of October. Finally try Turkey in November and Amsterdam in December and what have you got? A whole lotta travels penned into your 2020, because you let your bucket list go and traveled against the grain. Smart!
2. Sign up to a Travel Subscription Service

You may know that we have signed up to BRB Travel who will organise 3 European city breaks for us a year for a monthly fee. It works out to less than £200 a trip for flights and accommodation and means we don’t have to go through any hassle planning the trip ourselves. To claim money off your own BRB Travel subscription, be sure to use our code ABI18416 when you sign up. Why look forward to one break a year where you can bag 3 for the equivalent of a gym membership? You can go for a run in Porto, or start your morning with crunches in your Budapest  hotel room!
3. Skyscanner ‘Everywhere’
Make spontaneity the name of the game in 2020 with Skyscanner by choosing to go to either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd cheapest destination to ‘everywhere’ from your chosen local airport on a given date.
4. Use Monzo ‘Round Up’ to Fund an International Day Trip
This 2020, make your every day purchases on your Monzo card and create a pot where you allow the app to round off loose change to save into. When you’ve saved enough, use the cast off to put towards some flights for a day trip. Remember that time we told you we went to Oslo for £68?
5. Treat a Staycation like an International Break
Home doesn’t have to be something to stick your nose up at. Visit another city, or do a hotel stay in your home town. Pack your bags and hop on the train, coach, cab or catch a short domestic flight. If anybody asks if it counts towards your 2020 holidays, our answer is yes! You travelled – didn’t you?
What travel plans have you made for 2020? Will you be winding down your travels compared to last year or stepping it up? Let us know!

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