There was a time when going to Lagos was a chore. I used to go every Christmas with my family and, being a child, I never appreciated it. In fact, I wished we were going somewhere else.IMG_1848

But funnily enough, by the end of every trip, I’d always want to stay. Lagos has always had its charm and I wish I appreciated it when I was going on my mum’s coin! In fact, I would give anything now to go to Lagos annually (on someone else’s coin!).

In October, I went to Lagos to have what turned out to be the time of my life. Yes, Nigeria has its quirks, but let me just tell you now – there is life in Lagos. If you are heading to Lagos at any time, here are a few spots I’ve tried and tested for you.

  1. Hard Rock Café

Visit the Hard Rock Café in Lagos which is covered in ‘rock’ memorabilia – see if you can spot Sisqo’s jacket from one of his performances. The Hard Rock café has an outdoor seating area and even direct access to a beautiful sandy beach!

  1. Noir Lagos

Noir is the place for ‘get dressed up, let’s go to dinner’. It is beautifully decorated with authentic African art. The food is gorgeous and the chef even came out to introduce himself. I’d recommend the black prawn linguine which was everything and more. They also have a rooftop terrace where they play music so it’s good vibes all round.

  1. Danfo Bistro and Dives

I love this spot! For anybody that doesn’t know, a danfo is a traditional style minibus in Nigeria used as a public transport. They are usually yellow in colour and have a conductor hollering the destination of the bus such as ‘Oshodi, Oshodi’. Danfo Bistro is decorated as if you were inside one of those minibuses, I mean the creativity of it is impressive. It’s built in a ‘container’ like Boxpark style, so you really get the Danfo feel. The menu is ‘local’ but done very well. If you don’t have the Ewa Agoyin sandwich, you’ve played yourself.

  1. Tea Room Lagos

This is an instagrammer’s dream! You can tell a lot of thought has been put into the decoration of this place and its gorgeous. I attended their Pink Brunch which they have on the first Saturday of every month. The major key is that they give you unlimited champagne for an unlimited time – none of this 2-hour limit that these London brunches will be telling you. Unlimited! Time! The food was good, too – I’d recommend the lamb and mashed potatoes. And see if you can meet Denike, the owner of the Tea Room, she’s the ultimate boss lady who is not afraid to get stuck in and serve her guests.

  1. Thai Thai NG

This is a real hidden gem on Kofo Abayomi, but really a must visit. Very chilled, laid back serving up real authentic Thai food, the chef is from Thailand, so you know its real. Make sure you have the morning glory crispy salad for a party in your mouth – it’s a real festival of textures, flavours and temperatures. Also, the menu is carefully selected as they only serve food that they have grown on their own farm – so its all organic. See if you can meet Sanya who runs Thai Thai. She’s such a beautiful and kind soul who can tell you more about the authenticity of the food and even more on her family background and how they came to be in Lagos.

  1. ATV World Lagos

Quad biking at its finest – *Queue the Ruff Ryder’s Anthem* – RUFF RYDER! If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, make sure you visit ATV World. They have a quad biking track for you to follow round and direct access to the beach for you to do some free riding – whew child! I was scared at first but after getting used to it, it was time to hold onto my wig at the speed I was going!

  1. Shiro Lagos

Everything about Shiro is gorgeous! The decor, the food and the service. This place also has a beautifully designed outdoor seating area and direct access to the beach. If you are a dim sum fan like me, make sure you have the Har Gau – so good, I had it twice! They also do live teppanyaki, where the chefs cook in front of guests on a large iron grill, and offer a brunch on Sundays.

Are you planning to head to any of these places in Lagos? Which spot tickles your fancy the most?

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  1. Who’s your photographer? Your serving looks in every picture Miss. Absolutely stunning.

    Danfo Bistro and Noir Lagos are places that definitely stood out and I would love to visit. Great recommendations and descriptions included, which I’ll be sharing with friends. Thanks Abi. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Why thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post and thank you so much for reading. Hope your friends enjoy it too. We’ve got more great content coming in 2020, make sure you are subscribed! Thanks so much once again x

  2. *books flight to Nigeria*
    The Danfo Bistro and Dives concept is amazing! That would defo be the first restaurant I would wanna go to!

  3. Much appreciated ! Can’t wait to take a trip back now. If you haven’t been already you should try NOK by Alara, it is also 👌🏿.

  4. Oh my gosh I loved this!! The next time I go to Nigeria I want it to look the fun scenes from a movie vs visiting family and sitting down doing nothing! Loved these, makes me want to go back very soon! Please keep these coming! X

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