Music has always played a pivotal part of our travels; from curating our Spotify playlists under the name of the city we’re jetting off to, to the concert memories from our trips that we relive over and over again. So it’s no surprise we jumped at the opportunity to review the POW Mo travel Bluetooth speaker that we received just in time for our trip to Geneva!

Our accommodation comes alive with a bluetooth speaker giving us the vibes to set the tone for our trip. We decided we would review the POW Mo and compare it with two other portable speakers; one we ‘panic-bought’ at the airport in a rush (Sony SRS-XB01), as we had forgotten to pack our own, and the existing portable bluetooth speaker we own (DOSS SoundBox).

Which speaker is lightest?

The POW Mo is genuinely perfect for travelling – particularly if you want to travel light. It only weighs 198g and it’s expandable feature means by collapsing it down, it takes up next to no room in our suitcase. The Sony SRS-XB01 is super compact as the lightest speaker of the three (159g) and makes for an easy pack, whereas the DOSS SoundBox is fairly chunky and heavy (with a boxed weight of over 771g) but comes complete with a carry pouch so you can attempt to take it with you wherever you’re going.


Which speaker has the longest play time?

The POW Mo comes in middle of the pack with 8 hours of play time; the Sony SRS-XB01 provides just 6 hours and the DOSS SoundBox boasting up to 12 hours of play.

Which speaker is louder?

Both the POW Mo and the DOSS SoundBox are fairly loud, and both have full sound whereas the Sony SRS-XB01 can sound a bit ‘tinny’ in a large space. The DOSS SoundBox is probably the loudest, but its also the biggest in size. They all generally have good sound quality, what’s most important is that it’s  loud enough for your hotel/apartment stay.

Do the speakers have any additional features?

The POW Mo is expandable as mentioned, which acts as a bass enhancer using audio expansion technology called ‘WaveBloom’. Additionally, the POW Mo comes with a magnetic mount so you can attach it to magnetic surfaces – we didn’t make use of this on our trip, and the bass from the speaker made the POW Mo rumble off the table – we’ll definitely use the magnet mount on the next trip! You can also use the speaker’s ‘StereoSync’ feature to connect two speakers together. The POW Mo is also water resistant.

The DOSS SoundBox has sensitive touch control so everything is possible at the touch of your fingertips. The Sony SRS-XB01 has an additional audio output port if your device doesn’t have bluetooth, and is also water resistant so just as useful by the poolside as the POW Mo!

How much does each speaker cost?

The POW Mo retails at £79.99, compared to £25.99 and £30.00 (but bought at £19.99) for the DOSS SoundBox and Sony SRS-XB01 respectively.

What’s our verdict?

The Sony SRS-XB01 was bought in a panic, and has not been used since. Our preference is our existing speaker, the DOSS SoundBox, because it’s the loudest and fills the room, however we are most likely to travel with the POW Mo because it’s so compact and saving space in our suitcase is an absolute must! It has just as good sound as the SoundBox, and the bass-boosting WaveBloom means we will never use it without expanding it first.

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Do you always pack a travel speaker for your trips? What tech can’t you travel without? Let us know!

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