After landing in Porto, we hopped into an Uber to take us to our hotel about half an hour drive away. On arrival, the theme of the hotel is given away in its name – Hotel Da Musica. There is a clear music theme to the hotel from the music notes on the door mat, to the giant cello in the reception area.

  • Twin Room, Room Only
  • Accommodation Perks : The adjoining food market – we’ll get onto this later!
  • December 2019, 2 nights
  • Size: 20m2
  • Location: Mercado do Bom Sucesso, Largo Ferreira Lapa, 21 a 183, 4150-323 Porto, Portugal
  • Number of Guests: 2
  • Price: £65-74 per night

The room itself is cute, we had a twin room. The best feature for me is the plug sockets in the headboard. We all want to be able to charge our phones and be on it at the same time. Lulu and I were actually surprised this is the first time seeing it – it seems like a no brainer! Keeping in the music theme, the walls are decorated with Mozart music. I wish I could still read music – did you know I used to play the piano, violin and flute? Story for another day.

Interestingly, the bedroom and bathroom are separated by a curtain. It’s… different. I mean the door of the shower and toilet are frosted, but the curtain isn’t sound proof… so turn on the tap when you are about to hit the bathroom and spare your roommate the acoustics of your activity.


The staff at Hotel Da Musica were very helpful, and quickly informed us of the food hall that we could access from inside our hotel. This is such a plus for us; anybody who knows us knows I’m a fussy eater and Lulu’s pretty chilled. A food market means that we could eat different things while still being able to eat together. Safe to say we had majority of our meals here! My addictive personality really manifested itself because I had this prawn pasta about 3 times! Lulu opted for a bowl of Yaki Soba with a side of salmon nuggets. The food envy was real, I was on the salmon nuggets by the end of the trip!


Within walking distance of the hotel, you have a shopping centre and you also have several eating options – if the food market isn’t enough. There’s also a Zara home – if you’ve got the luggage space! The hotel is a short distance from Sao Bento train station (1.2 miles) which is an absolute must see in Porto and the Clerigos Tower (1.1 miles) which you should climb for the ultimate view of Porto.

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Hotel da Musica definitely gets a recommendation from us, its literally everything you need from a hotel plus some excellent food options and great location.

What features matter most to you when booking accommodation for your travels?

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  1. Spare your roommate the acoustics of your activity…this cracked me up, sorry about the bathroom. I do love Porto though!

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