There’s a lot of anti-group travel talk doing the rounds. They say “if you want to see the world it’s better to do it solo” because all your friends are going to do is “hold you back – so don’t wait for them”! Well, this is all well and good, but usually this advice comes from people who don’t have an existing friendship group willing and able to book flights with them.

If you are familiar with our content, you’ll know solo travelling is not for us! I mean, why would you go alone when your squad is lit? Why wander the big wild world alone, when you can see it all with your bestie? If you’re thinking about taking a trip with a group of friends, or just you and your bestie, we’ve got FIVE reasons why it’s a good idea:

  1. You have a photographer who can always get your angles

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Solo travellers will tell you to ask strangers to take your pictures. But strangers will never know how to take YOUR picture. They don’t ask the right questions like do you want your whole outfit? They don’t take different options. With your bestie by your side, you can be sure your camera roll is going to be set up with memories of your trip, just how you like it!

  1. There’s safety in numbers

There is a lot of great tips for travelling the world safely while solo, and while going in a group doesn’t make you immune to mishaps, it does mean that somebody is looking out for you!

  1. You have someone to ride in the passenger seat of the rental

Because how much fun is a road trip on your own? On our recent trip to Geneva, we rented a car to cross the border into France – the perfect setting to debate Wizkid’s top 10 songs of all time! You also have someone to share sweeties with you on the plane – deciding who gets the window seat is the only issue!

  1. You have someone to split the costs

You can stay somewhere nicer for less when you go as a pair or more. We’re not keen on hostels, so the price of a modern apartment or spacious hotel room split between two, three or more ticks all our boxes.

  1. You have someone to share your experiences with

We’ve all got travel experiences that aren’t quite the same when you try to retell the story – you just had to have been there! These stories make for some great reminiscing sessions like the time some random individuals tried to invite us to Snoop Dogg’s after party following his headline performance at the Isle of MTV festival in Malta, or when we were shaking a leg on the Webster Hall stage with Just Blaze in New York City. You also have someone to remind you of some of these experiences, just in case you forget! And if you’re anything like us, you’ll want your bestie alongside you when you’re having the time of your life.

When is your next group trip booked for? Where are you all jetting off to?

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