One of the most frustrating things about going on a trip with a whole bunch of people who like a whole lot of different things is trying to figure out what you’ll all get up to when you’re away! Fortunately, we quite fancy ourselves as experts in the matter, so we’re on hand to help! By using this list to build the itinerary for your group trip, you should be able to make sure there’s something scheduled for everyone to enjoy!

  1. Food Halls and Food Markets


Recently, on a viral video circulating the internet, a young sweet child asked the now infamous question: ‘where we ’bout to eat at?’. One thing that can cause friction during a group trip is deciding where to eat! At a food hall or a food market (like the Dekalb market hall we enjoyed in Brooklyn, NYC) you don’t have to make a reservation for the 5,000. Neither are you restricted to the (usually) limited menu of one restaurant. You’ll be surrounded by a variety of different eatery options with a communal area to dine together. Your vegan friend can chop it up next to the friend who has decided to eat waffles for dinner, and the cultured friend who came for the local delicacy!

2. Immersive Experiences

Abi isn’t a fan of art and history museums. However, if an art exhibition is presented as a fun interactive experience (like The Color Factory in NYC, for example) you’ll see Abi first in the queue! An immersive experience is a fun way to skip the boring and maximise fun together while getting a few opportunities in for some group pictures. We’ re keeping the fun going in Japan as we’ve got Team Lab Borderless (a digital art museum) on our list for Tokyo this May!

3. Tours with a Twist

Keeping to the theme of ‘skip the boring’, a traditional tour can be incredibly dry if your guide hasn’t got the charisma to keep you engaged (or even worse – you’re listening to an old recording on a free pair of headphones). Remember the story we told you about the boat tour we took in Porto? Well, we didn’t tell that story because ALL SIX of us fell asleep! A few interesting tours we haven’t slept through include:

  • the On Locations Tour in NYC – a themed tour based on filming locations of several films and TV shows based in New York City.
  • the GoCar tour we did in Porto – we drive ourselves around a designated route in a convoy of 3 bright yellow GoCars, while the sat nav told us about the sights we were passing!
  • the Segway Tour in Madrid – for those of us who were brave to complete it, we had a blast zooming around on our Segways exploring so much more of the city than we could have reached on foot!

We’re also hoping to go on a Mario Kart tour in Tokyo!

4. Theme Parks and Water Sports

Not surprisingly, anything you’ll do with your squad at home is perfect to do with them when you’re away. Our first ever group trip had us visit a water park in Malta – Lulu was not, and will never be, brave enough to go on the giant water slides but being there as a group was a great way to enjoy the good weather and catch laughs as a group. We’ve also got Tokyo Disneyland on our list for our May Japan trip – Lulu probably won’t go on any of the rides, but Disney is life!

5. Spa Visit

We all left the country to relax, right? Right! A packed itinerary is bound to make you all tired, so making time to relax and unwind is so necessary. Bonus points if you book your accommodation with spa facilities or a pool included, then getting the group to the spa isn’t a long and complicated mission.

6. Shopping

If you haven’t used up all your travel money on massage therapy, retail therapy is still a thing! We loved visiting the outlets in New York such as Woodbury Common and the New Jersey Outlet mall which was easily reachable by bus. Funnily enough, we also really enjoyed shopping in Primark and Zara in Madrid even though we already have these shops in London – the range was different, and it was cute to spend a day out with the girls hitting the shops like the old days.

7. Free Time

We asked our friends on Instagram what they hated most about group trips, and a recurring theme appeared… no alone time! There’s got to be a gap in the schedule for people to do what they want, otherwise you’re headed straight for disagreements and drama – we don’t want a trip where the girls are fighting! Let the people who want to have a lie in get some rest, let the people who want to visit the museums absorb all their facts, and let the people who want to hang at the pool all day do that – everyone’s happy!

8. Concerts and Entertainment

Some of the best memories we have of our trips have centered around amazing concerts we’ve been to – Usher in NYC, the Bad Boy Reunion also in NYC and Snoop Dogg at the Isle of MTV Festival in Malta. This is a perfect opportunity to see an artist you may not have access to in your home city, so make sure you look up to see if there are any tour dates where you’re visiting so you and the crew can get lit on your trip!

What’s the most important thing to include on the itinerary for your group trip? Let us know!

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  1. Ahaha as much as I do too much on holiday, I love how there is something for everyone here! Not everyday leave your mate in bed while you do the most 😂👌🏾 xxx

  2. Sometimes it’s even nice to sleep….hahahahaha.

    The water slide was life.. as you know ‘ I Loved it…it was like 🤗🤗🤗’

    1. Honestly, sometimes a bit of sleep is nice 😂

      And LOOOL! 😂😂😂 the memories will never fade on that one! Thanks for reading, J. #TooMuchBeyonceHere x

  3. 👏I love a food hall.
    But Abi and I did find a lit rooftop bar whilst people were on the Segway tour in Madrid 😜

  4. Your posts never fail to make me chuckle ladies! You’ve covered all angles for group trip activities. Funny you mention concerts as it is not an activity that would’ve crossed my mind to do abroad (only in the UK) – and I’m sure it would be a GOOD VIBE! *adds to list*

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