I finally started my 2020 travels kicking off with a weekend in Amsterdam for my friend’s birthday. It wasn’t my first time but I can tell you now that I will probably go back again – there’s just so much to do! Being a weekend and also travelling in a large group my time was limited, but here’s a few of the things I’d recommend:

Eat at Pancake Bakery


Amsterdam is known for their… pancakes, and Pancake Bakery is the place to get some! I only really used to believe in sweet pancakes but this place introduced me to savoury; not only are they lit, but they’re also huge! I struggled to finish it. You know this place is good because there’s always a queue outside. They don’t take reservations either –  everybody just knows that these pancakes are legit!

Eat at Supperclub Amsterdam

The definition of this place is ‘weird and wonderful’. Instead of dining at a table, you are dining on beds. It’s €69 for a 5 course meal and in between the courses, there are performances which can be very strange. The shows are interactive, so you may have some of the actors getting you involved. The food wasn’t my favourite but I’d still recommend it for the experience. Being a #fussyeater, I skipped some of the courses, and just ate what I could recognise. The dessert, for example, was served on one of the actors’ body… as in she lay there drizzled in chocolate covered, topped with chocolate-covered strawberries, cakes, and jellies, etc. and diners would eat from her!

See a Sex Show

This is not for the shy or faint-hearted – everything is happening live, and it’s all real; they are doing exactly what the title suggests. We saw a show at Casa Rosso. There are six different acts and they are all on rotation literally all day long. Like…. All. Day. However, they really do look like this is just their day job, as we saw a few of the performers on their cigarette break when leaving. Top tip: It’s cheaper if you go in the daytime.

Grab drinks at Lost in Amsterdam


This was a lovely spot for cocktails and smoking. It’s quite small, however it’s perfect for groups as they have booth seating. This venue only accepts cash! I probably had the best pornstar martini I’ve ever had here as it was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. They also offer a range of alcoholic milkshakes.

Have you been to Amsterdam? Is it on your list? Let us know!

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  1. Lol see a sex show 😂 but it’s to be expected in Dam! That pancake place is a definite when I go! And I love a good cocktail bar abroad so yes to Lost! Thanks for sharing xxx

    1. Sissss you ain’t the only one refusing. They looked about as interested as people sitting at their desks, as in, it really is just their day job. But then again, on rotation all day long, I would be fed up too! Pancakes were lit!

  2. I want to eat those pancakes….So there was no pasta on the menu or linguine….how DARE they hahaha…. they are rude. Great write up

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